What does Med-Lab do?

  • What services does Med-Lab offer?

    Med-Lab is focused on the sales, installation and service of your Diagnostic Imaging system.
    • We work closely with your facilities staff to determine the best system for your needs.
    • We ensure the preparation, shipment and on-time installation of your system.
    • We maintain optimal uptime with your equipment.
    • We have an engineer available 24/7.
    • Our entire team is dedicated to continued customer satisfaction.

Who to contact

Where is Med-Lab?

  • What region does Med-Lab cover?

    Med-Lab covers the following Florida counties: Martin, Glades, Charlotte, Lee, Hendry, Palm Beach, Collier, Broward, Monroe and Dade.

Project expectancies

  • How long does a project usually take?

    Depending on complexity, projects from beginning to end can take anywhere from one month to one year.

  • What does Project Management do?

    The Project Management team works from the initiation of the project through sales, design, preparation, delivery, installation and turnover of your new equipment. Projects may involve contractors, Radiology Managers, physicians, architects, shipping companies, and/or mechanical installers.

Service agreements

  • What kind of Service Agreements do you offer?

    Med-Lab offers a variety of Service Agreement Options. We have Platinum, Gold and Silver top performance agreements. We also have exam volume based Proactive Agreements and PM Agreements. For those facilities with a Biomed team, Med-Lab offers Shared Service Agreements. We can also provide equipment service on a time and material basis. Our goal is to find the right service solution for each customer.